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Attracting new clients with an enhanced portfolio experience

Timeline: Aug. 2023

Specializing in photography and videography for architects, interior designers, and custom home builders working on multimillion-dollar projects, AB Photo & Video wanted to scale their media channels and revamp their online presence. With an outdated website and limited outreach, I implemented a comprehensive redesign that enhanced their brand and attracted more targeted clients.

AB Photo & Video needed to modernize their online portfolio and create a user-friendly interface to attract potential clients. They were experiencing low website traffic and looking to boost their search rankings.

I redesigned the website to align better with the brand's vision, driving a 27% increase in target client acquisition and 40% increase in site traffic.

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The Problem

AB Photo & Video needed to modernize their online portfolio and create a user-friendly interface to attract potential clients. They were experiencing low website traffic and looking to boost their search rankings.

Architects and interior designers need a streamlined process to find and book professional photographers who can capture the unique features of their properties, in order to effectively showcase their properties and maximize sales.

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Project Goals

Our overarching objective is to create a comprehensive solution that caters to these diverse needs, closing the knowledge gap surrounding orca vocalization, and mobilizing a broader community to actively contribute to the preservation of these remarkable creatures.

This multifaceted challenge involves various stakeholders with unique goals.


Brand Leadership: Establish AB Photo & Video as an industry leader through a comprehensive website redesign that reflects their expertise in architectural photography.


Optimized User Experience: Address usability issues and enhance the overall user experience of the website. Simplify the user flow to lead to increased engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates.


Diversify Services and Market Position: Enhance market competitiveness by differentiating AB Photo & Video with the introduction of videography services and expanding offerings to attract a wider range of luxury architectural clients

The Process

Design Audit

As part of my research, I conducted 5 virtual usability studies on the existing website, focusing on navigation, user flow, and functionality. The studies provided insights into user behavior and pain points, which I analyzed and organized using an affinity map. This helped me develop a clear understanding of the website's strengths and weaknesses, providing a roadmap for future improvements. By utilizing the insights gained from my research, I was able to provide recommendations and implement changes that improved the website's usability and enhanced the overall user experience.


  • Users couldn’t identify the photographer’s target clients as there were multiple types of portfolio sections.
  • All users were confused on what types of services the photographer offered.
  • Most users thought the portfolio did not focus on architecture photography as there were other sections such as landscapes, events, and product photography.
Screenshots of the initial website of AB Photo VideoAffinity Diagram of the first round of user testing

Competitive Audit

In order to gain a competitive edge in the luxury architecture photography market, I conducted a thorough analysis of 4 competitors' websites. By evaluating their information structure, layout, services, and navigation, I was able to identify opportunities for improvement and refine AB Photo & Video’s own offerings and marketing strategies to better meet the needs of their target audience. This competitive analysis not only helped me understand the competition, but also allowed AB Photo & Video to differentiate themselves in the market by offering videography services.

Competitive Audit of AB Photo Video competitors

Laying out the path

When designing the new website, the main focus was to enhance the user experience through a streamlined information architecture. To ensure potential clients could easily view the photographer's portfolio, it was made accessible on the homepage. Additionally, a clear and consistent labeling system was created for content to guide users through the website. The process of scheduling a consultation was also simplified to make it a hassle-free experience for users. By prioritizing the user's goals and needs, the result was a more intuitive and user-friendly website. This approach led to higher user engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, a higher conversion rate. Prioritizing a site’s IA is crucial for businesses to thrive online.

Site map of AB Photo Video


I utilized sketches and digital wireframes to generate initial concepts. Low-fidelity mockups would then be used to test the viability of the design and uncover any potential issues. With the feedback from the tests, the designs could be refined and developed into a high-fidelity prototype that is both visually striking and easy to navigate. By leveraging the design thinking process, a website was created that not only stands out from the competition but also meets the needs of its target audience.

Initial sketches and wireframes for the homepage of AB photo and video

Simplicity to Match

AB Photo & Video's redesigned website not only showcases a professional and refined design but also results in a better user experience and has seen an increase in leads. The sophisticated and visually pleasing aesthetic draws in potential clients, while the elevated prominence of a video example on the homepage makes it easier for users to understand the types of services offered.

Highlighting Passed Projects

One of the primary objectives of the website was to highlight AB Photo & Video's past projects and showcase their attention to detail. To achieve this goal, we created a clean, modern, and sophisticated look for each case study, emphasizing the photographer's process, skills, and final deliverables to encourage more bookings. The addition of a case studies page to the portfolio has resulted in an increase in targeted clients who book projects with AB Photo & Video.

“After implementing Juliet’s website redesign, I’ve had numerous clients mention how clear and professional my website has become. I absolutely recommend Juliet to other businesses for her experience as well as for her communication and organizational skills. I only wish I had used Juliet and her experience earlier to save me the headaches and wasted time caused by designing the website myself!”

Anton Benedikt | AB Photo & Video
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